Traditional round pre cut 16

Traditional Round – Pre-cut- Cacao

Traditional round cake is perfect birthday parties, weddings or any other occasion where more traditional round shape is required and will easily feed 16-20 people. Pre-cut into 12,14,16 or 18 serves by us for your convenience. Please state in “Notes” how many serves you require before you proceed to payment.

Product Description


Contains: Milk,  butter, wheat (gluten), sugar, egg, honey,  tree nuts – walnuts (traces of peanuts may be present), organic
raw cacao powder, natural vanilla essence and trace amount of liqueur (alcohol). Please make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients and allergens before consuming.


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Storage & Life

How to treat your CACAO HONEYCAKE?
Please store it in your fridge, away from strongly scented ingredients, preferably stored in an air tight closed container to keep out air and other contaminants. Treat THE HONEYCAKE as a normal cake during transport and handling, avoid direct sunlight and/or high temperatures as the caramel cream can melt a bit.

How long can you treat yourself ?
THE HONEYCAKE – CACAO will last 7 days in the fridge.


* 25 cm in diameter, (5 cm in height), ± 1500g


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