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“Slab” – 40 Serves

Pre-cut version of our biggest “slab”. Ideal for bigger parties, functions, corporate events or weddings where pre-cut option is more convenient. Comes cut into 40 serves (each serve 3cm x 6cm).
*Also available in Cacao flavour.

Product Description


Contains: tree nuts (walnuts), sugar, milk, wheat, butter, honey, eggs and trace amount of liquer (alcohol) and peanuts may be present. Please make sure you are familiar with all the ingredients and allergens before consuming.


Storage & Life

How to treat your HONEYCAKE?
You can store THE HONEYCAKE in a room temperature or in your fridge, away from strongly scented ingredients.

If you want your HONEYCAKE to stay fresh for longer we recommend to keep it in your fridge, preferably stored in a tight closed container to keep out air and other contaminants. Treat THE HONEYCAKE  as a normal cake during transport and handling, avoid direct sunlight and/or high temperatures as the caramel can melt a bit.

How long can you treat yourself?
THE HONEYCAKE  will easily last for a minimum of 10 days. The best flavour will develop with time so if you let the cake sit for a couple of days so you can experience even more divine (softer, smoother, less sweet) taste.


*cake dimensions: 24 cm x 30 cm x 5cm (5cm in height), ±2100 g, *slice dimensions: 3 cm x 6 cm (5 cm in height)


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