The Idea Was Born


It all started in September 2012 when we brought the first version of our cake to our friend’s birthday party. The feedback was huge and overwhelming, in a good way! It started us thinking about setting up a business venture. A couple of days later, we started working on our business plan, creating logo, flyers, fine tuning the recipe etc.

The recipe of our layered honey goodness, we have brought to Australia originates from the Czech Republic. Our cake completely differs from other cakes known in Australia and not only by its natural appearance but mainly its unique delicious taste that has been appreciated by European for centuries.

In the beginning we spent many months modifying this original recipe, in order to adapt to the unique nature of Australian local ingredients as many of them are not quite the same here as they are in Europe.

The recipe we now produce is the best fusion of a centuries old recipe and the unique natural taste of locally sourced ingredients.

First Market-Sold Out!

May 2013

After 6 months of preparation we were standing face to face with our first real customers, at our very first Mount Claremont Farmers Market. We have to admit it was nerve-racking but by 10am everything was sold out!

We were relieved, happy and excited about what the next market might bring.

After continuous great feedbacks from our customers, we were determined to work harder so we bought more gazebos, more tables and started doing other farmers markets all around Perth!

Blooming Time

September 2013

We were doing 6 different farmers markets every week plus taking on a casual (weekly) spot at Fremantle markets. We also gained the support of local coffee shops and stores such as Moore&Moore Café in Fremantle, Angry Almond and many others. Wholesale and private orders for THE HONEYCAKE meant that our Czech delicacy could be shared by a wider audience.

We were baking 7 days a week, still from our small home kitchen with hardly any space and a really small oven.

That was the last drop, to realise the only way to be able to cover the demand was to move to a bigger premises – to a proper commercial kitchen. After months and months searching, we came across a commercial space in the heart of Fremantle.

In the beginning it was just an empty space without a proper commercial kitchen flooring, plumbing or electrical connection. So once again we started from scratch and were on the mission to turn this space from an old flower shop into our dream kitchen.

The Happiest Christmas

December 2013

Couple days before Christmas 2013 our brand new commercial kitchen was fully functional and approved by Fremantle Council – and you can imagine it was the best Christmas present we could get!

New for Old



After a year moving in and out every week from our casual spot, in June 2014 we moved to our first permanent brick-and-mortar store at the Fremantle Markets.

Sharing The Love


Exhibitions, shows and local farmers markets continue to be an important fixture on our schedule, always keeping us on our toes but giving us many opportunities to meet new HONEYCAKE lovers.

Love At First Sight

February 2015

When we first visited our retail space in the heritage State building we were completely in awe! The former government building with over 140 years of history simply took our breath away and we knew that was where THE HONEYCAKE shop needed to be! Not long after that, the construction works started and our excitement grew with every single “brick” laid.

CBD Shop Opening

October 2015

After many months of building, designing and fitting out we opened the door to our first customers on Saturday, 17th October 2015.

Like a hidden gem, THE HONEYCAKE CBD SHOP is located in an unconventional and unique space in the basement of the iconic State building (former Treasury building), accesssible from St Georges Tce.

Journey Continues…


It wasn’t a smooth ride but after all the work, endless hand rolling and many sleepless nights we are still here growing and working hard with the amazing team of people around us, that believe in the same vision as we do! We would not have got it this far without them and without your continuous support. Thank you!