What is THE HONEYCAKE? Recipe is inspired by a traditional Czech layered cake. It is a combination of light honey flavoured layers with creamy caramel filling all topped with fresh ground walnuts.

Why THE HONEYCAKE is different from other cakes on the market?
– all handmade layer by layer from scratch, every layer is baked individually and assembled individually one on top of each other by hand
– made from real and local ingredients (no cake pre-mixes)
– doesn’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
– made in Fremantle in small batches using local ingredients
– made from 100% pure – raw unprocessed WA honey and local free range eggs.

How many layers are there? Each cake contains five layers of honey biscuit, five layers of caramel filling and one top layer of fresh ground walnuts.
Is it possible to add more layers to make the cake bigger? Yes absolutely, i.e additional layer (biscuit+caramel) for Traditional round is 79/5=$15.8 each additional layer.

Is there any diary in the cake? Yes, milk and butter.

Is there any egg in the cake? Yes, there is.

Is there any alcohol in the cake? Yes, there is a very small amount of liqueur (which contains some alcohol).

Are you able to make alcohol free version?
Yes, but only whole cakes (no small and big boxes) and there is a $10 surcharge as we need to accommodate the production accordingly. Please contact us before you place the order as we can not always guarantee availability.

Is THE HONEYCAKE Gluten Free? No, our traditional cake is not gluten free as it contains wheat flour!

Do you have a gluten free version?
Yes, it contains mix of rise & maize flour instead of normal wheat flour. All the remaining ingredients are the same.

Is it vegan?
No (contains egg and dairy)

Where can I buy? We currently have 4 shops. One is located inside of Fremantle Markets, the other two are in Perth CBD see here and one in Sorrento Quay, Hillarys boat harbour. You can also find us at many Farmers markets and events around Perth. Please see event calendar here. Alternatively visit one of our stockists.

Is there any animal fat in the cake?
NO! We use a pure butter (milk, water)

How many slices are in a Small Box? What is the weight?

– Exactly 5 slices (our regular rectangular slice) = 5 serves
– 300 g

How many slices are in a Big Box? What is the weight?

– Exactly 7.5 slices – approx. 6-8 serves
– 450 g

Can you deliver Small and Big boxes? Yes, however there is a $49 minimum for delivery.

Do I need to pre-order small, big or premium boxes? Generally no, unless you need a bigger quantity or we are sold out due to unforeseen circumstances. They should be always available at our shops. However if you still want to guarantee their availability, just give us a call and we can put it on side for you.

Do you do writings on the cakes?
No, unfortunately at this stage we can not provide you with any writings.

Is honey the only sweetener you are using? – No, there is also brown sugar and caramel.

What honey do you use?
Unprocessed (100% raw) WA honey.

Are all your ingredients locally sourced? – 99% are local. The only ingredient that isn’t local are walnuts (Californian). But its for good of the cake as Californian walnuts simply taste better.

How long does THE HONEYCAKE last for? – Minimum of 10 days for the best appearance and flavour.

How do I store THE HONEYCAKE?
THE HONEYCAKE (Original) will keep its best appearance and flavour
for a minimum of 10 days. You can store it in a room temperature
or in a fridge, away from strongly scented ingredients. We recommend
refrigerating, preferably in an air-tight container for the longest freshness.
Avoid direct sunlight and/or very high temperatures to prevent melting.

THE HONEYCAKE (Cacao) will keep its best appearance and flavour
for a maximum of 10 days and should be kept in the fridge
to prolong its shelf life.
Is it best fresh? No, we recommend to have the cake set at least 24 hours after baking so it has time to develop all the flavours and gets soft and moist.

Can I freeze it?
Yes, you can treat it as a normal cake and would last for up to a year in freezer.

Can I take it overseas or interstate?
Yes, we have had a lots of customers taking it all over Australia and overseas without any issues.
What is the best to take overseas? Our whole cake boxes are normal paper cake boxes designed just for short transport and therefore they are not the best for traveling. We recommend premium gift box as it has been especially designed for traveling and as a nice gift that comes in sturdy packaging and with a complimentary carry bag.

Can it last the flight?
Yes, it will easily last any flight. Ideally take it on board with you so it does not get damaged in cargo area.
Can you post it? Yes, we can even organize express post (2 days delivery), however we can not guarantee the outcome as Australian Post does not provide services for fragile items, such as cakes. For more please info please call the office.

Can I have the recipe?
Unfortunately not as it’s our chef’s secret, but it is something like this: Put a lots of hard work in a large bowl and mix well with plenty of love:-).